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Urban Fantasy serial fiction, with monthly episodes available through Patreon!

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Losing my job wasn’t the problem…

Being recalled was.

No one believes in the Greek gods anymore, which leaves me with nothing to do at the banks of the river Styx.


Boredom isn’t an excuse for bad judgment, but I should have known better than to hang out in Fort Lauderdale.


The nightclub owned by my elder brother Thanatos—Death—is the hottest destination on the beach, until mortals inexplicably sicken and die—


—and show up at the Styx.


The displaced mortals are the first pawns in the long-overdue war between the gods of Olympus and the offspring of the Titans—the children of Nyx, my siblings and me.


My name is Charon, and my only power as the ferryman is to travel any path between Point A and Point B.


Unfortunately, that power isn't going to be enough to escape—or avert—the apocalypse headed my way…


A headless status. An immortal debt.

Charon, immortal ferryman of the Underworld, has only one friend—Phaedre, a slave girl stranded on the banks of the Styx, unable to pay for passage across the dark river.

To grant her eternal peace, he must venture into the world of mortals to complete her funerary rites. But the seemingly simple task unravels the mystery of a headless, winged sculpture at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, and pits him against the fury of a vengeful goddess.

How many enemies will he make and what terrible price will Charon pay for Phaedre’s eternal peace?

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