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Written in collaboration with the award-winning authors of the Alvarium Experiment


A headless status. An immortal debt.

Charon, immortal ferryman of the Underworld, has only one friend—Phaedre, a slave girl stranded on the banks of the Styx, unable to pay for passage across the dark river.

To grant her eternal peace, he must venture into the world of mortals to complete her funerary rites. But the seemingly simple task unravels the mystery of a headless, winged sculpture at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, and pits him against the fury of a vengeful goddess.

How many enemies will he make and what terrible price will Charon pay for Phaedre’s eternal peace?

Shere Khan 600x900.jpg

Uncover the truth Rudyard Kipling conceals in his unforgettable masterpiece, The Jungle Book.

One-hundred rupees for the skin of Lungri...

A mysterious Chinese girl arrives in India, determined to claim the bounty on the man-eating tiger. Intrigued by her unrelenting purpose, Rudyard Kipling follows her into the jungle on a mystical adventure that will transform LungriThe Lame Oneinto Shere KhanTiger Lord.

The Seventeenth Slave 600x900.jpg

An immortal, shape-changing alien seeking a reason for being…
A young woman on the brink of greatness…

Fu Hao, daughter of a chieftain, accepts the greatest of honorsto be one of King Wu Ding's sixty wivespropelling her to power in the Shang Dynasty and into the annals of history.

No one speaks of the mysterious "amah" who attended Fu Hao from her first to last breath. More devoted than a mother and possessed of the wisdom of ages, the amah transforms a girl-child into a queen, high priestess, and warlord.

This is Fu Hao's story. And this is the story of the long-forgotten seventeenth slave…

Readers of ancient history and fans of the Double Helix series will enjoy this blend of historical and speculative fiction, an unforgettable foray into the life of the Shang dynasty's most remarkable woman, Lady Fu Hao.

East of the Sun 600x900.jpg

Through a mysterious map depicting far-flung lands, a Chinese sailor in 1424 and a Portuguese cartographer in 1519 share a vision of an Earth far greater than the reality they know.


Unknown to them, an even stronger thread unites them—the alien probe, Prometheus.


What will it take to unlock the priceless knowledge contained in its flawless databanks?

Somewhere Beyond 600x900.jpg

In this award-winning collection of flash fiction, short stories, and novellas from USA Today bestselling author, Jade Kerrion, you will journey with Rudyard Kipling into a world more fantastic and magical than Jungle Book; commiserate with an overanxious, overachieving ghost; discover the alien secrets that inspired Earth's first world map; leap forward twenty years where the person you love still waits for you; uncover the shattering truth behind the city of Eternal Night; and embark on an amazing adventure with unforgettable characters in the world of the Double Helix.

Available FREE through Payhip.

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