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"A perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat, and happiness..."

Aroused Collection 600x900.jpg

“…these characters were all so real, I swear they'd jump off the pages any second.” – Ishabelle Manalo


Shaken by a failed marriage and struggling with single parenthood, will Vera find transforming love or shattering lies in the arms of a sexy escort?


What do a supermodel and her accountant have in common? Not much, but Maggie won't let reason deter her pursuit of the man she wants. Will her friendship with Drew survive her career, her fame, and the rocky transition to love?


Out of money and out of options, Felicity can’t afford to turn down a helping hand from Cody, even though she holds him responsible for her brother's death. Can love rise out of the emotional turmoil of their shared past?


As their marriage unravels and the grand plan for life goes awry, will Valeria and Gabriel arrive at the finish line together?

Ensnared Collection 600x900.jpg


Lily, the woman Michael lovedand lost to his brotherhas returned to his hometown, to the place of many shared and painful memories. Has she come, like a vengeful angel, to destroy what's left of Michael's shamed and ruined family?


Hollywood fame and Olympic medals sounds like the perfect pairingexcept when it's built only on hope and lies. Can Ariel and Jake's scorching mutual attraction overcome the complications of false impressions and clashing expectations?


Noelle returns home to finds the town little changed, except that Connor, the high school nerd, is now the town’s doctor, a Grade-A hunk, and a widower with two young children. She can save Christmas for Connor's motherless daughters, but can she also find her way into Connor's guarded heart?


Holly has given up on love, but the Christmas season unexpectedly ignites her bleak and solitary life with three men who represent her past, her present, and her future. Which man offers the gift of true love and happily ever after?

Inflamed Collection 600x900.jpg


Debra Martinez doesn’t believe in happy endings and can't escape her reputation as "the other woman" but will Sean's arrival in town offer a fresh start for her and her son?


Cultural expectations of love and marriage clash; Anjali is compelled to choose between the perfect man she does not know and the imperfect one she does. And why would Anjali—brilliant, talented, and an overachiever from birth—settle for anything less than perfection?


Injured premier danseur, Nicholas, is forced to confront his first dance partner the woman he loved and whom he left behind when he sought the spotlight and the stage. 


Will Shannon and Brandon's unexpectedly picture-perfect Tuscan romance survive the return to reality when they find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom?

Maligned Collection 600x900.jpg


Tom, a single father not looking for a relationship, is reluctantly roped into investigating an escort responsible for wrecking his sister’s marriage, but instead of a sly and seductive siren, he meets the pretty girl-next-door. Who is she, really, and is he ready for the possibility of love?


Nicole does not have time for a romance, but her casual fling with Rico is on the cusp of becoming something more when a crisis in his family awakens her past trauma. Will the fragile foundations of their love survive the lingering shadows of Nicole’s broken childhood?


After winning a lottery, Marie heads off to Key West for a vacation and finds her ex-husband, Phil, already there. Vulnerable and still in love, Marie is easy prey, but what does Phil really want from her? Will their unexpected reunion offer Marie the emotional closure she needs, reopen wounds that haven’t fully healed, or shatter her heart beyond repair?


Cixi is more than a feel-good Cinderella story, and Rio is more than a spoiled billionaire’s son. When the facades crumble and layers peel back, when nothing is left between them except the raw, ugly truth of mutual betrayal, will they survive?

LSR Collection 600x900.jpg


For the romance reader who wants it all now, this exclusive collection features all sixteen novellas from the Aroused Collection, the Ensnared Collection, the Inflamed Collection, and the Maligned Collection.


Begin your journey through the alphabet of love—"the perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat and happiness..."

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