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"This is one of the most awesome fantasy series ... Jade's storytelling is second to none..."


Never accept gifts from strangers… Especially if it glows…


Ginny’s first mistake was becoming one of the world’s leading experts on ancient civilizations...


Her second mistake was getting kidnapped by Atlantean cultists who believed she knew more than she did...


Her third?


Accepting an energy vortex from a captive mer-prince.


Its reality-altering power entangles her in the millennia-long conflict between Atlantis and the Lords of the Ocean—the mer-people.


To free the mer-prince, she will have to trust a man afflicted with a chimeric personality and tormented by conflicted memories. She’ll have to figure out how to control the devastating power the mer-prince entrusted to her…


Because if she doesn’t succeed, Atlantis will rise again, and all the human nations of the Earth will fall.


He shattered his empire to save the world. Rebuilding it could kill him…

To save the ocean and earth from a devastating pandemic, the mer-prince Kai destroyed his capital city and its diseased merfolk.

Now, he wonders if he made the right decision.


Reduced to scattered colonies, the mer-people can no longer defend humans from the empire-building ambitions of their Atlantean offspring.


To rebuild his kingdom, Kai needs the aether core buried in the sunken ruins of ancient Atlantis, but the way is guarded by Ancients—gargantuan titans, monsters of myth and legend. 


Yet the greatest peril lies not in the journey, but in the destination. A creature of immeasurable power is entombed alive within Atlantis.


And the only thing it craves, far more the priceless aether core, is absolute vengeance upon the royal bloodline...


Family is all he has left... What—or who—will he pay to save the Earth?


Transformed by dark energy, the mer-king Zamir is a chimera—a seamless tapestry of skills...a mangled mess of memories.


Yet through all the catastrophes he has witnessed—many of his own making—he has learned one thing.


Family matters; especially the last of his bloodline, his grandson, Kai.


A straightforward quest to rebuild his shattered empire and set his grandson upon the throne is thwarted by the soul shards in his chimeric personality.


Zamir has enemies, far more than he imagined. 


And their hate is brutally raw.


One of them, Marduk, possesses the power of a god, and in his attempt to right a perceived wrong, he will incinerate the Earth.


To stop Marduk, Zamir must draw upon all facets of his fragmented personalities, even the one he despises and cannot trust. 


But nothing prepares Zamir for the devastating realization that sacrificing Kai may be the only way to stop Marduk’s apocalyptic plans...

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If you enjoyed the DAUGHTER OF AIR series, you'll want to continue this seamless blend of fairy tale, urban fantasy, and mythology with LORD OF THE OCEAN. Adventure with Kai, Ginny, and Zamir in their quest to rebuild the mer-empire...

Get your copy today:

  1. Cursed Prince

  2. Cursed Throne

  3. Cursed Legacy

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