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"The Little Mermaid finally kicks ass!" 

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She no longer wants to be a part of his world. But he must convince her to save it…

Ashe is one mission away from earning her soul. Nearly three centuries after her disastrous on-land escapade, the former mermaid has a final assignment: protect a marine biologist on his quest to save the oceans. Perhaps it's pure coincidence that Varun Zale is the descendant of the prince she once chose not to kill.

Varun can't explain how storms obey Ashe or why her eye color changes to match the tossing waves, but he suspects she is more than the mute ship captain she pretends to be. His growing fascination leads him from the shallows of a fairy tale to the depths of a mystery older than recorded time. In the midnight reaches of the ocean, monstrous titans stir. An unstoppable disease becomes a weapon in the hands of the mer-king.

Nothing Varun has ever imagined or believed about mermaids is true. And being wrong could cost him everything… 

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A cursed dagger. A desperate king. His quest will damn his kingdom, and the entire Earth.

The mer-king has bargained with demons, trading the death of the oceans for his soul. As the seas churn with disease, the marine biologist Varun Zale and the mermaid Ashe battle the mer-king's army across the black tides to the ancient stronghold of Atlantis.

They cannot hold back the mer-king forever, but there might be another way to end his rampage before the demonic bargain is fulfilled. When Ashe's cursed dagger claims a life, it can gift the soul to the king, and the way Ashe looks at Varun makes him wonder if she has identified him as the perfect target.

When the dagger finally strikes, it will rip the shroud of deception. For the mer-king, three centuries is a long time to live with hate, but it's even longer to believe a lie…


When gods battle, worlds shatter. Now it's the Earth turn…

The queen of the underworld has stolen the mermaid Ashe's most treasured possession. To reclaim it, Ashe must unravel ancient mysteries to find the doorway to hell.

She doesn't need or want the marine biologist Varun tagging along. There is no safety for a mortal in a war between elementals and vengeful gods, but curiosity is one of his greatest vices, second only to his love for Ashe.

Love does not guarantee access to all her secrets. Without the facts, Varun cannot possibly understand the risks, especially when the queen of the underworld is convinced that Ashe is far more than she pretends to be…

…a goddess in hiding--the queen of heaven and earth.


Before aliens became gods and reality became religion, the war began. It's time for it to end—one way or another.

Pandemic sweeps the earth while humanity's ancient protectors watch helplessly. Societies and governments crumble before the advance of Nergal, the god of pestilence.

The mermaid Ashe possesses the power, the passion, and the audacity to challenge Nergal, but she is trapped in the underworld. Engineering her escape forces Varun, the marine biologist, to seek out unlikely allies, but freeing Ashe is only the first step.

The only weapon that can slay Nergal is a cursed dagger forged in a demon's heart from the core of a fallen star. And that dagger is buried in the depths of a living volcano…

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The Daughter of Air series brings together a seamless blend of fairy tale, urban fantasy, mythology, and science fiction. Enjoy all four books in the series today!

  1. Cursed Tides

  2. Cursed Blade

  3. Cursed Flame

  4. Cursed Heart

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