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"A stunningly original take on post-apocalyptic science fiction and fantasy!"

Aeternae Noctis Collection 600x900.jpg

A city of eternal night terrorized by demons and vampires… 

A child of prophecy, destined to end their rule… 

A millennia of deception is about to come crashing down. 


When the child of prophecy is born, hopeand rebellionsurges in the city of eternal night.


Humans, led by Jaden Hunter, rise up against their vampire taskmasters and demonic overlords. Far deadlier enemies, however, prowl beyond the domed city--enemies whose hate and vengeance have simmered for a thousand years.


When they finally burst past the boiling point, ancient lies are shattered. The deception ends, but trust is terrifyingly fragile. Yet if humans, vampires, and demons cannot unite to battle through the night and survive the light of day, the thousand years of misery and darkness would have been for nothing.


If hope dies, this time, it will be forever...

Eternal Night 600x900.jpg

Demonic overlords command vampire armies, but they are not the ones to fear…

For a thousand years, humans cowered beneath the rule of the Night Terrors, but Jaden's five-year-old sister is prophesied to stop them…if they don’t get to her first. 

To protect her, Jaden leads a rebellion against the Night Terrors, but when he is captured in battle and dragged before the demonic queen Ashra, he realizes that he has seen her face before…every night in his dreams.

Ashra is fighting her own battle for survival against enemies without and treachery within. But when Jaden stumbles upon Ashra's darkest secret and uncovers the truth about the city of eternal night, he realizes that nothing may be what it seems…including himself. 

Eternal Dawn 600x900.jpg

Immortals and mortals struggle to co-exist. An enemy is changing the rules…

All parents in Aeternae Noctis have lost children to the culling, among them, the herbalist Rafael Varens. Humanity's remnants rise in rebellion against the ruthless rule of the three immortal icrathari and their vampire army; yet again, they are crushed.

When the icrathari Siri seeks a salve for her chronic pain, she and Rafael strike a bargain. He will cure the poison in her blood if she expands the settlement and frees the children, including his son. Their tentative alliance ushers in unexpected friendship, until it is shattered by the cruelest betrayal.

From the darkness below the earth, an ancient and implacable enemy rises, twisting their pain and turning Rafael and Siri against each other—his first step in the destruction of Aeternae Noctis…

Eternal Day 600x900.jpg

In a post-apocalyptic Earth, the only chance at survival demands an impossible reconciliation…

Erich Dale was once a poet, an artist, and in love with the night. Now, he’s an elder vampire cursed into insanity by the icrathari warlord, Tera. Trapped in the fragments of his shattered mind is the key to healing a scorched and devastated Earth.

Only Tera can unlock his secrets, but she is a destroyer, not a nurturer. Erich, consumed by hatred and a desire for vengeance, will not be soothed. Together, they can end the thousand-year reign of eternal night, but unless there is forgiveness, there can be no reconciliation. Without reconciliation, hope perishes.

She created her worst enemy, and now, his hate will damn all humanity, forever…

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